The anguish of a pacifistic troll

To me this is an image of a pacifistic troll who is the narrator in my fantasy piece.

Dearly Beloved,  

We gather here to mourn the passing of this goblin, Nik Wik. As a pacifistic troll who weeps rivers of anguish at the state of the eleventh earth, I’m here to condemn violence in every form. Why can’t we stop these battles which butcher innocents like Nik Wik in the name of Mythrall, a god we can’t even be sure exists? Sure, there is a reliquary within the Palace of the Ancients, said to possess holy cups which can unravel the fabric of this world, and if the Dark One gets it, he’ll remake the universe according to his mad delusions. But I’m tired of this war. I’d like, too, to plant the sweet asylum that smells like honey and peace where we don’t have to defend kings or fight evil, and just let a dreamy, all-enveloping languor possess us.

For dVerse

Image by M W from Pixabay

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September 13, 2022 4:29 am

Well done! People and trolls grow weary when they realize freedom isn’t free. But being tired surely is better than being enslaved.

September 13, 2022 5:00 am

This is sooo very clever. Is this photo of something real or perhaps a bit of virtual artwork? And yes, we need peace very badly, both in the world and withing the countries.

Bruce Goodman
Bruce Goodman
September 13, 2022 5:18 am

It’s called trolling for peace.

September 13, 2022 5:58 am

Well said! Why are others our enemies simply because they aren’t the same as us? Love the image and wonderful words!

Gillena Cox
September 13, 2022 6:15 am

Nice one Nitin. Thanks for dropping by my blog


September 13, 2022 6:25 am

A clever Weaver in lovely style, from fantasy to mirror à reality…

September 13, 2022 6:28 am

Oh this pulled me in. As much as it feels like fantasy, unfortunately, much could be translated to our world today. I like how you expanded the line.

Dwight L. Roth
September 13, 2022 9:16 am

Very nicely done. A great story and good use of the prompt.

Merril Smith
September 13, 2022 4:00 pm

Very clever writing and perfect image to go with it! I hope peace comes for this troll (and all of us).

Dawn Pisturino
September 13, 2022 7:26 pm

Very nice! Eloquent and thoughtful.

rog leach
September 13, 2022 11:25 pm

well written

Sanaa Rizvi
September 14, 2022 12:23 am

This is incredibly powerful writing, Nitin. So much to contemplate here especially the stark reality that innocent lives are lost in the name of power and corruption that sadly prevails in our world. The line by Riegel fits in beautifully! Thank you so much for writing to the prompt. 💘

September 14, 2022 1:00 am

Your Prosery is clever and beautifully composed! I enjoyed reading it. Cheers.

Björn Rudberg
September 14, 2022 1:22 am

Oh I love this.. how wonderful… but alas the good-natured troll might be a little bit naive

September 14, 2022 6:36 am

Oh, I love your fantasy. I agree with Bjorn. A little too naive.. maybe Nit Wit fits better. I have issues with pacifists. Don’t misunderstand me. I love peace!

September 16, 2022 9:35 pm

Fantastical tale with a warm heart.

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