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This is an abstract image that, to me, signifies different, incongruous elements, coming together and making up the whole.

There’s beauty in the world, they say,

in the honey-yellow sun slinking down

the grey, pastel sky, merging with the

horizon, eventide apocalypse,

in the expressionist dancing with

meraki, tossing paint on the canvas,

a bizarre amalgamation of thought

and impetus,

in the quivers of lovemaking, the

shudders of last breaths – Eros and

Thanatos carrying a sojourner to

selcouth worlds,

even in the coarse, mop cloth if you

look closely, and the taste of

the cigarette as it burns the throat.

But I’m more interested in how we

of little acumen and light further

the cause of a greater, scintillating

wisdom, how we, though flawed and

finite usher in infinity’s rule.

Does that mean we’re not free?

Just marionettes incapable of

transcendence, animated by

unparagoned grace?

Is our irresistible elan and charisma

an illusion?

The answers to those questions

are beyond our reach, akin to

understanding some Orphic

figure of myth who prophesied

and retreated into himself when

the minds of curious men, shot

forth cognitive limbs to

reach him and strip away his

enigmatic allure.

I’d rather let the flames of ecstasy

consume me, a spark within

becoming a wildfire when in a

pensive mood, and think of

those on the brink of destruction

who fought time and space

and being and non-being

to usher themselves back into

life’s choir, singing a song of

triumph that gives them a sense

of closure, an impression of

the nature of the whole.

For dVerse

Photo by Sina Katirachi on Unsplash

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