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The antidote

For this reason, I created you,

so swallow the pitch-black chaos,

calm the tempest, brighten the

dark places with luminescence

until I’m a gentle Nemesis

walking through corridor after

corridor, pursuing no one,

not even my thoughts,

until I have Goku’s spirit,

until I float and dance with

the rhythm of the wind,

possessed by a naïve grace

and a catchy, inner tune burns

away the existential plumbing

with violent and pink flames,

giving me a soul-fragrance,

so unlike living my life on a

repeated sequence—

do, redo, cleanse, repeat,

monochromatic pessimism that

makes me see the ash swirl

and swirl around me,

threatening to carry me to

nadirs of despair be damned,

I want to thirst for experience

like I did when I rode my bicycle

when I was 10, new neighbourhoods

promising new friendships and

the innocent thrill of street

football matches,

I want euphoria that vanquishes

the armies of thoughts lined up

on the surface of my mind,

ready for war, with scintillating light,

make me see the

hydrangea as blue candy floss,

the eventide as a beginning

and not an end,

the first cry of dawn

as a listener’s response

urging me to find my life.

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