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A rondeau for the ostracised

Find me outside the temple gates on littered streets

Where beggars roam and hawkers sell their rancid meats

Where lepers and malingerers don’t have a chance

At ever swaying to the beat of Triumph’s dance

Where you’ll find rickety, old huts with threadbare sheets.

Here succubi know men, and the unclean beast eats

Here thrones lie mangled with disfigured seats

Here Beauty lies defeated by Affliction’s lance

Outside the temple gates on littered streets.

The vendor in his broken lodge sells hardened sweets

The dullard brags about unreasonable feats

The crone does everything expected to enhance

Distress and pain. Yes, you’ll find me in this expanse

Ensconced in halls of grief where people excrete

Outside the temple gates on littered streets.

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